An Approach within a Perspective of Human Resources and Health Expenditures to Health System in Turkey
Türkiye Sağlık Sistemi’ne İnsan Kaynakları ve Sağlık Harcamaları Perspektifli Bir Yaklaşım

Author : Güller ŞAHİN -Emine KADIOĞLU
Number of pages : 33-56


When it looks at the policies implemented in the health sector in Turkey, in the health system in the labour resources and health expenditures in recent years shows that there are serious changes. The purpose of this study, for the work force in the health sector in Turkey the level of human resources, training status, financing and determine the distribution according to the needs of state, the health expenditure to examine and policy changes implemented in recent years to assess accompanied by the available data. The main findings of the study are; important steps have been taken in the health system with the strategic policies and planning implemented in the 2002-2018 period, but the necessity of developing the relevant policies and plans, the human resources working in the field are insufficient compared to the requested services, there is an imbalance in terms of distribution among the regions, shows that motivational practices should be done and health expenditures should be increased. As a result; as in other sectors, the improvement of work flow schema for the definitions of the occupational groups in the field of health, organizing pre-graduation and post-graduate trainings and reviewing these trainings in line with the needs, training human resources according to the country’s field statistics, planning the works for increasing the quality of the services provided, evaluating the satisfaction of the service providers and users. It is seen that there is a need in the health sector as well.


Human Resources in Health, Health Expenditures, Training of Human Resources in Health Services, Human Resources Financing in Health Services, Human Resources Management and Policies in Health.

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