The Effect of Perceived Supervisor Support on Employees’ Depression and Stress Levels
Algılanan Yönetici Desteğinin Çalışanların Stres ve Depresyon Düzeylerine Etkisi

Author : Süreyya ECE
Number of pages : 100-112


Employees may feel under pressure for a number of reasons, mainly due to workload, working conditions, the nature of the job, non-business problems. This situation may be more common in employees who continue their education life while working. These employees try to balance between the job and education life by struggling to fulfill their job and education responsibilities without delay. However, as a result of this intense working tempo, they are very likely to experience stress and depression. It is thought that this possibility will decrease if they receive support from their supervisors at the workplace. In this study, it was investigated how executive support perceived by employees affects their stress and depression levels. In this context, a survey has been conducted with employees who continue their education while working. Results of the analysis showed that perceived executive support has a negative effect on stress and depression. According to this result, especially the employees who work intensely become more mentally comfortable when they perceived support from their supervisor. The research is important to show the managers that supporting the employees who continue their education, can help reduce their stress and depression levels.


Perceived Supervisor Support, Needs Hierarchy, Leader-Member Exchange, Stress, Depression

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