Wedding Traditions in Crimean Tatars and Cultural Changes in These Traditions (Eskişehir-Ankara Sample )
Kırım Tatarlarında Düğün Adetleri ve Bu Adetlerde Yaşanan Kültür Değişmeleri (Eskişehir-Ankara Örneği)

Author : Sedef Hilal DEMİR -Meyrem TUNA UYSAL
Number of pages : 113-128


Crimean Tatars, one of the communities that were forced to migrate from their own countries to different countries in the historical process, also carried their own cultural characteristics to their place. Accordingly, the contact of different societies has caused societies to interact. In this study, it was aimed to determine the wedding traditions and cultural changes experienced due to time, which are among the cultural characteristics of Crimean Tatars who migrated to Turkey. Within this framework, 32 (thirty-two) Crimean Tatar participants who settled in Turkey, living in Ankara and Eskisehir and a member of the Crimean Association, had in-depth negotiations. As a result of the research, wedding and wedding processes came at the beginning of the most changing traditions of Crimean Tatars from the past to the present and the weddings where the Crimean Tatar traditions were fully lived were not found much today. Among the main reasons for this situation, Crimean Tatar wedding traditions are not suitable for city life and mixed marriages have increased considerably today.


Culture, Culture Changes, Crimean Tatars, Wedding Customs, Customs-Tradition.

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