Equity Public Offering Process For Companies: Case Studies
Şirketler İçin Hisse Halka Arz Süreci: Örnek Uygulamalar

Author : Halil ARSLAN -Temur KAYHAN
Number of pages : 1-14


In an economy based on capital markets, prosperity spreads to bottom, and productivity increases with entrepreneurial spirit. Most important financial instrument of capital markets is equity public offering. Equity public offering includes consumers in economic development, both in terms of capital and information, while creating a new financing tool for companies in bottleneck in bank financing. In this study, most curious questions regarding equity public offering with capital market professionals and managers of industrial firms are put forward and their answers are sought. By examining price determination reports of public offerings, recent pricing approaches and successes of public offerings are tried to be shown. The number of companies traded on Borsa Istanbul is less than 500, and this study has important results for companies that are preparing to offer to the public in the next period. Additionally, this study on which points the relevant authority wants to transition to a capital market-based economy produces results. This study for academic world, which doesn’t have significant literature on implementation of public offering processes, is seen as beginning. It can be expected that level of financial literacy of investors in sector will increase with increase of studies about initial public offerings.


Capital Markets, Public Offering, Company Valuation, Market Multipliers, Borsa Istanbul

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