Education activity as “Identity” Construction: An Evaluation in the Framework of Knowledge Sociology
“Kimlik” İnşası Olarak Eğitim Faaliyeti: Bilgi Sosyoloji Çerçevesinde Bir Değerlendirme

Author : Mehmet Furkan ÖREN
Number of pages : 177-192


The search for meaning is one of the most prominent features of man. Unlike other creatures, we create meanings and construct them. However, our minds are not given. Our information is shaped by being influenced by the social ground we live in, the spirit of time. The sociology of knowledge, which is a discipline consisting of studies on the formation processes of knowledge and knowledge, underscores that the of knitting of meaning is affected by various factors. Human consciousness, which was shaped by local and local forms in previous periods, is exposed to global influences today. Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram affect the masses and shape their world of meaning to be consumption-centered. While the neighborhood, culture and civilization basin in which we live are shaping our consciousness, value judgments and perspectives in previous periods, this process has evolved into a more global form today. In this respect, it is important to organize the knitting of meaning of individuals and their perspectives on life in a healthy way. If the individual's world of meaning is being shaped/ taking shaped, who or who should be the shapers of these meanings? Despite the individual discourse, today's societies are becoming more and more similar, exhibiting similar attitudes,The meanings of global advertising lobbies and capitalist networks are the result of their shaping effects. This article underlines that it is important for individuals to be organized around a certain meaning and value structure based on some theses of the sociology of knowledge, despite the global effects of today, and emphasizes the importance of education in the process of knowledge building.


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