Spiritual Care Practices İn Elderly Care İn The Process Of Modernization
Modernleşme Sürecinde Yaşlı Bakımında Manevi Bakım Uygulamaları

Author : Yusuf YAMAN
Number of pages : 129-153


In traditional society, the elderly are cared for by family members. However, the increase in the migration to the city and the family members including women joining working in this new settlement made it difficult to look after the elderly at home. Thus, the elderly person is confronted with being left to stay in a nursing home. This article deals with the necessity of changing the place of the elderly within the social structure evolving from extended family to nuclear family. In addition, as a result of this compulsory change, the topic was addressed with structural functionalist approach and in this process whether the moral support had a positive effect on the adaptation of the elderly to the nursing home was considered. In the first part of the study which consists of two chapters, a conceptual framework on family types, nursing home and spiritual care was formed. In the second part, the elderly theories, modernization and individualization which is an element of modernization are discussed. As a conclusion, it is observed that there is no passivization in the modernization process as in the theory of retreat from the elderly. Furthermore, it is seen that the elderly who settled in the nursing home will need spiritual support and that the elderly will be productive with spiritual support as in psycho-social theory, and it will be seen that the elderly individual will be peaceful for life.


Modernization, Nursing Home, Social Care, Spiritual Care.

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