The Effect of Glass Ceiling Syndrome on Job Satisfaction in Female Public Accountants and Accounting Staff
Kadın Mali Müşavirler Ve Muhasebe Çalışanlarında Cam Tavan Sendromunun İş Tatminine Etkisi

Author : Esra YILDIZ -Aykut BEDÜK
Number of pages : 193-221


Globalization, increasing force of competition and changing customer demands and expectations have compelled firms to develop different strategies. The human resources power has a great importance for the firms to be in the front row in the competition. In the recent years, with rising active participation of women in the business life, the society’s point of view about women has changed and business managers have started to attach more and more importance on female employees in their policies intended for competitive advantage and sustainable profit. Despite the change of prejudice against female employees in the business life, it is still observed in some sectors that they are not promoted to especially top management levels. Though there are several reasons for this situation, studies reveal that women are forced to continue their working lives with invisible obstacles that can be felt by them, which are known as glass ceiling barriers in the literature. The field of accountancy, where there are mostly male employees, is not preferred so frequently by women. Besides, it is observed that the small number of women who are already in the sector face psychological barriers. In the study, facts such as male dominance in the sector, insufficient opportunities for promotion for female employees, going through numerous negative situations during work hours and negative attitudes of managers towards hiring female employees in these departments have led the researchers of the study to choose accountancy sector as the research field. There are many effects of glass ceiling syndrome on female employees. This study aims to determine whether the glass ceiling syndrome experienced by women working in the accountancy sector has an effect on their job satisfaction levels. The analysis results revealed that the perception of glass ceiling syndrome affects job satisfaction for female public accountants and accounting staff and this situation does not differ very much depending on demographical variables.


Business, Organizational Behaviour, Glass Ceiling, Job Satisfaction, Public Accountant, Syndrome, Accounting

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