Psiko-Social Aspects of Living and Prosperity in the Thought of Ibn Khaldun
İbn Haldun Düşüncesinde Geçim ve Zenginliğin Psiko-sosyal boyutları

Author : -Olgun Közleme
Number of pages : 363


Ibn Khaldun Islamic thought is seen as the last bright side, the views are quite similar to the methods of describing the contemporary social sciences. Livelihood and prosperity of both the acquisiton and the effects of human and social life consttutes an important place in the thought of Ibn Khaldun. According to him, due to the creaton of human beings are obliged to live in batches. This situaton raises the division of labor and various professions. Livelihood and wealth in order to achieve the chosen profession, plays a decisive role in shaping the lives of people and society. With this in mind, İbn Khaldun, is a integral relatonship between morality and establishing livelihoods and wealth.


Human, society, livelihood, wealth, profession and morality.

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