An Essay on Social Change Codes in the Qur’an
Kur’an’da Toplumsal Değişim İlkeleri Üzerine Bir Deneme

Author : -Mücteba Altındaş
Number of pages : 295


The concept of book and some related concepts mean social codes in the Qur’an. Qur’an emphasizes these codes as the book in general and as the concept of sunnetullah specifcally. Social changing is obviously offered as a result of human behavior in the verses. Because of this, main factor in the tme determinaton related with social rising and collapse is human acts. Qur’an introduces very much collapse code. Social lifetme and period of disappearance are connected with social codes. Social affairs pursue a specifc period. Positve and negatve happening in society arise in the chain of reason and result. Therefore, Qur’an refuses understanding of fatalism about social life that defend determined lifetme.


Social code, social acton, the book, sunnetullah, determinism.

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