Leadership, Politcal Authorıty Types and Charisma

Author : -Olgun Közleme
Number of pages : 239


Leader and leadership issue, examined issues of social psychology is one of the most comprehensive. Batches of human beings who have tol ive always in need of a manager. People who know that best meets the needs of the community as a leader emerges. However, leader ofen authoritarian in terms of roles and functons, seem to be three types of liberal and democratc. Always valid, only the best and there is not a leadership type. Regardless of typecatng, the best leader is flexible and adapted conditons. İbn Khaldun, the leader fort he formaton of nervousness, are essental fort he contnuaton of the justce. Machiavelli on the other hand, however, to provide leadership in achieving and each path is legitmate to say more. Max Weber, as well as the type of a top leader, the charismatc leader of the highlights tple forward. However, according to Weber, charismatc leadership over tme routnizaton and becomes democracy.


Leader,leadership, charisma, authority,short temper, routnizaton and conversion.

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