IncreasIng cIvIc achIevement by UsIng InstrUctIonal-DesIgn strategy
Rehberlik-Örgülü Strateji Temelli Yurtaşlık Öğrenimi Başarısını Yükseltme

Author : -Etin Solihatin
Number of pages : 157


The purpose of this research is to increase civics learning achievements by using instructonal-design strategy. Why an instructonal-design strategy should be used, because it offers guidance on how to help learner to learn and develop a beter that include cognitve, emotonal, social, physical and spiritual aspects. A great deal of instructonal-design strategy is done with learners assembled in groups. When instructon is delivered in this way, one has to bear in mind constantly that learning stll occurs within individuals. Thus, in this study, learners are divided into several small groups and also into each individual one. Several conclusive fndings that can be obtained from this research are, frst, it is indicatng that the applicaton of instructonal-design strategy has increase civics achievements by 30.9 percent in individual learners and by 34.0 percent in group of learners. Secondly, the instructonal-design strategy suggests that the fundamental structure of instructon is designed in terms of what the learner will be able to do when learning has occurred and this capability is in turn related to what has previously been learned. The implicaton and recommendaton occur from this research is the instructonal-design strategy can successfully apply in the schools accordingly it is wise to spread it in more wide range of learning so as to increase the quality of educaton and life as a whole. This research artcle is composed of fve brief sectons: an introducton; literature study; approach to analysis; research results; and implicaton and suggeston.


instructonal-design strategy, civics learning achievement, constructvist theory, teaching-learning process.

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