Pyschological Well-Being and Religious Orientaton in terms of Positve Psychology: A Research About Adults
Pozitif Psikoloji Düzleminde Psikolojik İyi olma ve Dini yönelim İlişkisi: yetişkinler üzerine Bir araştırma

Author : -Gülüşan GÖCEN
Number of pages : 97


The purpose of the present study was to examine the relatonships between, psychological well-being and religious orientaton. Besides, analyses were run to determine gender, age of the relatonship psychological well-being. The sample populaton was 611 (284 male, 327 female) aged from 17 to 60 years adults who flled out paper surveys with measures of religiosity with Intrinsic Religious Orientaton Scale (IROS-10), psychological well-being with Ryff’s Psychological Well-Being Scale (PWB-18). According to the fndings of study, psychological well-being was no differences found between men and women and there was a signifcant positve relatonship between age and “Purpose in Life”, “Personal Growth” and “Positve Relatons with Others”. The result showed that psychological well-being was positvely correlated with religious orientaton. Further, the increasing of psychological well-being increased “Purpose in life”, “Self-acceptance”, “Personal Growth”, and “Positve Relatons with Others”, but the result was revealed that religious orientaton was no correlated with “Autonomy” and “Environmental Mastery”.


Positve psychology, psychological well-being, subjectve well-being, religious orientaton, purpose in life.

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