Theoretcal and Methodological Possibility of Religion and Gender Studies: Literature Review
Din ve Toplumsal Cinsiyet Çalışmalarının Teorik ve Metodolojik İmkânı: literatürel Bir Değerlendirme

Author : -Birsen Banu OKUTAN
Number of pages : 1-7


The subjects of social sciences change from felds to felds; however they share theoretcal and methodological approaches and it makes possible the existence of interdisciplinary/multdisciplinary studies. Religion and Gender Studies were neglected in the social sciences for an extended period. Recently, on the one hand, the researchers began to focus on “gender and religion” in history, sociology, sociology of religion, psychology, psychology of religion, politcal sciences, literature etc. On the other hand, the theoretcal and methodological schema of religion and gender has not been clarifed yet. The aim of this study is to assert theoretcal and methodological possibility of religion and gender studies reviewing available literature and discuss what kind of sociological approaches -objectvist and subjectvist- can be applicable for that kind of marriage. As a result, gender and religion based studies are explanatory by an eclectc approach regarding dichotomies of “agency-structure” and “individualsociety”, and understanding by a reflexive outlook


Gender, religion, objectvist, subjectvist, reflexivity

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