The Importance Of The Ratio Of Insured/Pensioner in Turkish Social Security System Abstract

The Ratio of Insured/Pensioner, gives information about social security in terms of rights and effectiveness of social security. Define the level of welfare and economic development in the country. In this context, the optimum level of active / passive balance is always important. In this study, it is aimed to emphasize the importance of active / passive balance. The Social Security Institution is listed on the basis of the current data of the factors that lead to active / passive balance and balance deterioration. In order to ensure that the balance is acceptable, existing policies and practices are determined. In addition to the existing practices, recommendations were made to upgrade the active / passive balance to European standards.


Social Security, Active / Passive Balance, The Ratio of Insured/Pensioner

Author : Emel İŞTAR IŞIKLI - Ertuğrul EVLİCE
Number of pages: 169-189
Full text:
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