Matrakçı Nasuh, Kanuni Sultan Süleyman (1520-1566) lived during a long reign when the fields of Science and art were the brightest. He has written books in the fields of mathematics and history. He is a very successful artist who has done different works in his field of miniature art. The impact of the descriptive features of the City, Nature, Castle, Harbour scenes in miniatures and the panoramic view of the works is of great importance for research. The research was done by qualitative research method and literature search was conducted to access the information. The artist's place-date of birth and death are unknown. In various sources his 16. It is suggested that he may have died in the last quarter of the century. However, it is known that he was born in Sarajevo and was a member of a family. He is referred to as “Matrakçı” and “Musketeer” in some sources because of his funny War game. Matrakçı Nasuh is 128 miniatures describing the first Iran-Iraq Campaign of Kanuni Suleiman in 1534-35 (IÜK, T5964). The other two manuscripts in which matrakçı wrote his text and made his miniatures are his work called Suleymanname (TSM, H1608), which consists of 32 miniatures. His third work is 12 miniatures named Tarih-i Sultan Bayezid (TSM, R1272). This work consists of two parts: the first part depicts castles and harbors such as Genoa, Marseille, Nice... along the northern Mediterranean coast. And it depicts the Ottoman navy anchored here. In the second part of the work, events describing the Hungarian expeditions are given. Matrakçı Nasuh is a master artist who has depicted many cities, nature, castles and harbors that bring innovation in miniature art according to himself. This versatility of the artist is reflected in his works of art, especially in the colors he uses in his paintings of cities, nature and ports.


Matrakçı, Miniature, Ottoman

Author : Tahir ÇELİKBAĞ - Fahrettin Geçen
Number of pages: 744-757
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