Mass Culture and Television: The Case of “Gelin Evi”

Television which can be found everywhere plays a significant role in shaping social life. Television mediates the forming of mass culture and transfers it by repeatedly producing. The aim of this article is to develop a different point of view to programs for women. Therefore, the claim of this article is that programs of women support mass culture. In this regard, three assumptions will be tested. It is supposed that programs of women cause a world of emptiness, transform the understanding of privacy, with the influence of mass culture symbolic violence is put into effect. For this reason, as a program of woman, the program “Gelin Evi” is examined and five episodes are analysed under six topics. Within the scope of the analysis it is determined that the program “Gelin Evi” produces mass culture and in every episode, it is reproduced again.


Sociology of Religion, Programs for Women, Symbolic Violence, Mass Culture, Television.

Author : - Gönül AYDIN
Number of pages: 129-151
Full text:
Toplum Bilimleri Dergisi
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