The Chronicles Written In Verse By Pertev Mehmed Sa’îd Pasha About Mevleviyeh

Pertev Mehmed Sa’îd Pasha was born in 1785 in Darıca. He was an important statesman who was assigned to different positions in the period of Mahmud II. As Mahmud II loved and respected to him, there were people who got jealous with him and he was dismissed from his duty and sent into Edirne as a result of the plots. The Governor of Edirne called him to his mansion and had him choked there. The only known work of Pertev Mehmed Sa’îd Pasha is his Dîvân. There are 120 chronicles written in verse, constituting half of the Divân, as well as several types of verse such as ghazals, eulogies, and songs etc. He wrote verses about many subjects like the births of the sultans' sons, appointment, mosque, fountain, dervish lodge, islamic monastery construction and renovation. These verses are important in terms of demonstrating the political and socio-cultural events of the period of Mahmud II. In this study, the texts of the chronicles written in verse about the mevleviyeh in the Dîvân of Pertev Mehmed Sa’îd Pasha with transcription were presented and reviewed.


Pertev Mehmed Said Pasha, Mevleviyeh, Poem Dates

Yazar : ALİ YÖRÜR -
Sayfa Sayısı: 249-261
Tam Metin:
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