Investigation of the Meaning in Life Levels in Terms of Death Anxiety and Some Factors among Religious Officers

Life and death are closely related. The motive of life and the motive of death are among the basic motives that exist in man. The search for meaning determines the purpose and value of life; it gives direction to our lives and behavior. The fact that death is the biggest obstacle to the desire to live in man is the most important factor that drives people to question the meaning of life and death. With the meaning given to life, the phenomenon of death, which is often the cause of anxiety and fear in humans, also gains a new meaning; it is no longer a source of stress and distress. In this study, the relationship between the level of meaning to life of religious officials and socio-demographic characteristics such as age, gender, education, income, type of profession, working time, attitudes towards death and so on, and death anxiety levels were investigated. The evolution of the study was carried out by religious officials working in a province in the Marmara Region; The sample of the study consists of 124 religious officials selected by random sampling method. Meaning and Purpose of Life Scale ”,“ Death Anxiety Scale ”and“ Personal Information Form ”were used as data collection tools. “SPPS 18 Package Program ”was used in the analysis of the data collected by the questionnaire technique and analysis techniques such as“ t-test ”,“ ANOVA ”, correlation and the like were used. At the end of the study, religious officials, the meaning levels of life were found to be intermediate; death anxiety levels were found to be low. In addition, it was found that there were no statistically significant differences in the meaningfulness of life according to socio-demographic characteristics such as gender, age, education, income, type of occupation, duration of work, attitudes towards death, and the like. Finally, it was seen that there was a positively significant relationship between the meaningfulness of life and death anxiety levels of the sample.


Religious officals, The meaning of life, Death anxiety, Socio-demographic characteristics.

Author : Nurten KIMTER - Yaşar Üner
Number of pages: 563-602
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