Rap Wars in Context of Popular Culture and a Research on Islamic Rap Music

Dimensions of secularization in Turkey reveals itself tangibly in integration of religion and popular culture. Undefined state of nature of this integration and its boundaries accelerate dissolution of religion in the popular culture pot. This syncretic combination developed between religion and popular culture also manifests itself in rap music as a specific field. Rap music, one of the pillars of hip-hop culture, is mostly known in Turkey as an older era/classical rap, popular trap and Islamic rap. In this study, hip-hop culture and its history are not included in detail, but three outstanding music trends are centered. However, the literature data of music movements is not mentioned in an independent way, Islamic rap music is evaluated in the context of the popular culture. In this context, a semi-structured interview has been conducted with twenty and thirty year old participants who defined themselves as rap music listeners. The approach of mainstream rap music listeners to Islamic rap music, which increases its visibility in the society has been measured and the existence of an independent audience has been questioned. Even though audience of the Islamic rap music isn’t the only audience included in the study, perspectives of religious individuals listening to the mainstream rap music on the integration of religion and rap music has been included. As a result, the relationship between rap music and popular culture has also been questioned by adding parameter of religion to variables, and at the end of the study, results that feed the secularization paradigm have been obtained.


Sociology of Religion, Popular Culture, Popular Music, Rap Music, Islamic Rap.

Author : - Hülya AYTULUM
Number of pages: 208-241
Full text:
Toplum Bilimleri Dergisi
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