Importance of Emotion Labor for Educational Organizations
Eğitim Örgütleri Açısından Duygusal Emeğin Önemi

Author : Kısmet Deliveli
Number of pages : 190-215


The aim of this study is to demonstrate the importance of the theory of emotional labor for educational organizations. Educational organizations are among the education settings where communication and interaction with students are experienced at the highest level and, thus, emotions take action the most. Instructors, who are supposed to adopt the behaviors and approaches that would make them role models for students in such a setting of communication and interaction, are required to manage, control and suppress their emotions from time to time. Because, for the sake of management, they are supposed to abstain from their actual emotions so they suppress their negative feelings when needed, demonstrate a more positive state of feeling, and do labor emotionally especially by adopting sincere emotions in their behaviors. For the reason stated above, in the education organizations that are supposed to run under a healthy organizational climate and based on concrete organizational culture, such instructors as the ones that demonstrate behaviors of emotional labor, manage their feelings and change their feelings in line with the organizational objectives are needed. This is because of the intention that the quality in the education service offered for students is improved.


Key words: Educational organizations, instructor, emotion, emotion labor.


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