Tawheed and Society
Tevhid ve Toplum

Author : Mustafa SAFA
Number of pages : 315-320


The book titled “Tawheed and Society” consists of an introduction and five chapters. In the introductory chapter, author Celaleddin Vatandaş states that "Tawheed", which is the essence of Islam, has four sociological foundations. He points out that as a result of a failure to accept or abandoning one of these four principles, societies move away from the monotheism essential to the realm of existence and fall into an incidental (relational) shirk (polytheism). The four foundations of Tawheed, described as the harmonious relationship between man and God and between man and universe in terms of belief and behavior, are listed by the author as: the acceptance of 1. the existence and unity of God; 2. God as the creator of all beings; 3. that he manages and controls all existence; 4. that he is the one who manages and controls human beings.


Tawheed, Shirk, Prophet Muhammed, Meccan Society, Prophet Moses, Pharaoh, Egyptian Society.

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