The Law Language and Uncertaınty
Hukuk Dili ve Belirsizlik

Author : Zeliha GADDAR
Number of pages : 261-272


Abstract: Language is the basic phenomenon for ensuring social order, social life, social and individual communication. People name and express their thoughts and feelings by using their language skills. Relationship and communication are imperative in social life. Besides language, rules such as religion, morality, custom and law were needed to facilitate, protect and maintain social life in even the most primitive societies. The most important of these rules is the law. Because the law stipulates not only the mandatory rules but also the penalty if the rules are not followed. Therefore, law is defined as a social life order for justice. It can be seen that language and law are indispensable for the continuity of social life. However, we should not ignore that language is a phenomenon that creates law. Over time, language differences occurred according to occupational groups. It has become difficult or even impossible to understand these languages by people who do not belong to the occupational groups in question. The language of law, which is dominated by words that are not used in everyday language, is one of the most difficult occupational languages to understand. The aim of this study is to show that the law language is a special language, as well as to investigate the general features of the Turkish law language and to emphasize the uncertainties of the law texts, which are accepted as the written whole of social rules, and to emphasize the importance of simplification.


Key Words: Law Language, Turkish Law Language, Uncertainty, Simplification, Communication.

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