The Ethics In Nietzsche And Durkheim
Nietzsche ve Durkheim'da Ahlak

Author : Buse GÜLŞEN -Kemaleddin TAŞ
Number of pages : 239-260


Ethics has always occupied a certain space in the lives of individuals and societies as the ethics embodies the value boundaries that might shape the lives of individuals and societies. Ethics has been one of the most significant and primary issues of Social Sciences, especially of philosophy and sociology, and has been investigated in various studies as ethics has always been a significant component for an individual to demonstrate the essence of individual and social life as well as to form its structure. Philosophy explores ethics within the individual terms and norms while sociology does it in social terms as per the natüre of these sciences. This article shall investigate the views of Nietzsche regarding ethics, who became a pioneering figüre in the studies of ethics in the field of philosophy, and of Durkheim, who is regarded as the founder of systematic sociology and sociologism. The article shall compare and contrast the ethics understandings of Nietzsche and Durkheim under individual ethics, social ethics, religious ethics, responsibilities, work ethic, scientific ethics and pragmatic ethics.


Nietzsche, Durkheim, Ethics, Individual, Social

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