Relationship Between Religion and Politics: Example of the Holy Qur’an
Din–Siyaset İlişkileri: Kur’an–ı Kerim Örneği

Author : Arif KORKMAZ
Number of pages : 15-32


“Relationship between religion and politics” is a very wide field of research with a very wide literature. This article will focus on a very specific part of this gigantic field of research and will attempt to analyze some of the reflections and appearances of relationship between religion and politics in the Qur’an, the holy book of Islam. In fact, however, there is a considerable literature on “the Qur’an and politics”. For this reason, this article limited the subject of “relationship between religion and politics” to the Qur’anic sample and had to confine the “Qur’an and politics” to a more specific field: When we look at the stories of the prophets in the Qur’an, it is seen that the claims of revelation and prophethood were perceived as a political claim by the economic/political elites of the period. In this context, the problem of this research is as follows: Why are the claims of prophethood perceived as a political claim by economic/political elites and rulers? This article aims to find the answer to this problem. Firstly, some examples will be given to the Qur’anic data that the claims of revelation/prophethood are perceived as political claims and then, the reasons why religion is perceived as politics will be discussed.


Sociology of religion, Sociology of the Qur’an, Relationship between religion and politics, Holy Quran, Stories of the Prophets, Hz. Mohammed

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