Knowledge of Substance in Aristotle

Author : -Robert Heinaman (Çev. Kamil KömüRcü )
Number of pages : 377


Aristotle is one of the most important philosophers in the history of philosophy. He deeply influenced later philosophers through the philosophical system which he established. His metaphysic is one of the most important parts of his philosophical system. Aristotle founded his metaphysical theory on some basic concepts. One of them perhaps the best of these concepts is the concept of substance. This artcle that we have translated has focused on Aristotelian concept of substance and its knowledge. The author of the artcle is Robert Heinaman who is one of the important experts of Aristotle. In this review, Heinaman discussed the issue that three propositon atributed to Aristotle (aNo universal is substance, b-Knowledge is of what is most real, c- Knowledge is of universal) on the basis of three fundamental propositons.


Aristotle, substance, knowledge, knowledge of universal, knowledge of potental, knowledge of actual.

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