The Process of Taking Beni Tağlib Under the Islamic Dominaton
Tağlib Kabilesi’nin İslâm Devletİ egemenliği altına alınma süreci

Author : -Abdurrahman DEMİRCİ
Number of pages :  347


Beni Tağlib was one of the rooted tribes in Arab peninsula. It had a prominent positon in tribal struggles which were the characteristc of the peninsula. Beside tribalism, changes in its belief through tme have also affected its manner. It had maintained a combatve attude against Islam and had clashed with Islam’s expansionism by the support of Persia and Byzantne. Beni Tağlib insisted on its uncompromising manner even in the process of taken under the Islamic dominaton. The paper analyzes Beni Tağlib’s attude in the period of foundaton of the Islamic state and the unusual Zimmet policy implemented for the tribe.


Taghlib Tribe, Umar, Jizya, Zakat, Baptsm.

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