An Evaluaton of “Journal of Educaton” Published in 1914 and as a Contnuaton of it,”Educaton” Journals Published in 1918
1914 Yılında Yayınlanan “Terbiye Mecmuası” ve devamı Olarak 1918 Yılında Yayınlanan “Terbiye” dergileri Üzerine bir değerlendirme

Author : -Jawad SIDDIQI - Kubatali TOPCHUBAEV
Number of pages : 331


These journals were published under the leadership of Sat Bey in 1914 and afer a break in 1918 in Otoman Turkish. The purpose of the artcle, because of the language used, not recognized by the new generaton of today and focusing on the serious problems in the feld of educaton, although few in number published; we thought that plays an important role in the transfer of cultural heritage briefly introduce journals. These journals contents are possible to evaluate under three headings: 1. Author staff transfers to inform society about their views on educaton, 2. Determinaton of educatonal problems of the period and thoughts on the soluton and 3. According to intellectual currents of the period to discuss educatonal problems, in other words, intellectual property with the discussions.


Educaton, Journal of Educaton, Sat Bey.

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