The Sociological Perspectve Everyday Life of Otoman Society

Author : -Ensar ÇETİN
Number of pages : 277


In this study, the classical period of Otoman society with a view to etnometodolojik paterns of behavior encountered in everyday life are examined and aspects of life which is apparently familiar with one another to see, interpret, and about cultural differences, our social life is to create an awareness to let us see a different perspectve. In today’s people to consume more conditoned to be happy, you have to work harder to consume a lot of monotonous everyday life remains in the pass rush. It’s fast and uniform in pursuit of a goal in life people always happy to self in everyday life and happiness always defers be able to overlook many details. We carry most of the behaviors that make our daily work as long as usual and monotonous everyday life dont need too much scrutny and analysis. Yet to understand and analyze everyday life to understand and analyze your entre life


Everyday life, Otoman, neighborhood, family, the harem, entertainment, educaton, palace, bazaar, rural life, urban life.

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