A Methodological Analysis: The Theory of the Theological Origin in the Literature of Alevism
Metodolojik Bir Analiz: kızılbaş-Alevilik Yazınının teolojik orijin Arayışı

Author : -İlkay ŞAHİN
Number of pages : 25-50


This artcle aims to analyze theoretcal framework of the main concepts for the literature of Alevism in order to examine methodological consequences of conceptual and theoretcal approaches in the literature of Alevism. The concepts of heresy, heterodoxy, sect and syncretsm, which have been adapted to the literature of Alevism in about 1900 to describe Qizilbash-Alevi groups in Anatolia, construct a theological model depending on analogical perspectve that aims to fnd a doctrinal origin for Qizilbash-Alevism. The combinaton of the concept of heresy, heterodoxy, sect and sycretc with the tendency of the theological origin brings about anonym and hybrid conceptual meaning and controversial methodological consequences as a result of the gap constructed between empiric and epistemic reality. As a consequence of this methodological tendency, the Qizilbash-Alevi groups became a theological issue rather than a social phenomenon


Qizilbash-Alevi, Theological Origin, Methodology

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