The Evaluation of the Outdoor Recreation Activities in Cappadocia Region by Travel Agencies
Kapadokya Bölgesi'nde Yapılan Açık Alan Rekreasyon Etkinliklerinin Seyahat Acentaları Tarafından Değerlendirilmesi

Author : SEVİM KÜL AVAN - Evren Güçer
Number of pages : 153-168


Abstract Cappadocia Region is one of the most important tourism centers of our country with its geographical structure, nature and many civilizations. Besides its unique features, it is an important outdoor recreation destination. Although there are many recreational opportunities in the region, many visitors are not aware of the opportunities. In this study, it is aimed to evaluate Cappadocia in this context, especially considering its geographical characteristics and belief tourism as well as having an important place in recreational activities in the region. In this regard, it is considered that this study is important both in terms of being able to guide visitors who are planning to come to the region, and in terms of marketing enterprises that have recreational activities in the region. Within scope of the study, firstly literature review about Nevşehir which is the center of Cappadocia Region was carried out. Afterwards, the interview questions prepared to determine the outdoor recreational activities were performed in the region were directed to the A class travel agency operating in the region. Based on the obtained findings of the study, the outdoor recreational activities in the region were defined one by one, then information related to about which fields these activities in the region was performed was given through conducting a field research.


keywords: Leisure time, recreation,outdoor recreation, Cappadocia, recreational activities, travel agency


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