Sociology of Religion Lesson and its Outcomes in The Faculty of Theology and The Faculty of Islamic Sciences: The Example of Ağrı

Sociology of Religion is a discipline that investigates the relationship between religion and society and the effects of religion on society and vice versa, it is taught as a compulsory course in Theology and Islamic Sciences Faculties. However, ‘Sociology of Religion’ which is taught side by side with the basic Islamic sciences, has been the subject of constant debate among both students and academician. In this article, we tried to determine the pre-assumptions of the students about the sociology of religion course and their gains after taking the course through the students of the Faculty of Islamic Sciences of Ağrı İbrahim Çeçen University. We applied a feedback questionnaire including open-ended questions to 257 students from 2nd, 3rd and 4th years, in order to determine the students' gains from this course. As a result of the analysis of the data obtained, it was found out that this course is useful for students to gain a perspective and sociological thinking skills that can analyze their society and religious life. In addition, this study is expected to contribute to the necessary changes and predictions in order to teach the sociology of religion more efficiently and successfully to the students in the faculties of theology and Islamic sciences.


Ağrı, Faculty of Islamic Sciences, Faculty of Theology, Sociology of Religion, Religious Life.

Author : Mustafa SAFA
Number of pages: 676-699
Full text:
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