Novelistic Signs and Sociology of Religion: An Eclectical Attempt

A graduate student who prepares a thesis in the field of sociology of religion, analyzed the practices of the religious masculine public through a field research and compared available typology he found out, with the pious characters of the selected novels. This comparison between the textual analysis and the results of the field research was evaluated as “out of subject” by the jury members of the thesis, and the passages in which the intertextuality between text and the reality are shown were removed from the thesis. In this study, the possibility of typological usage of novels in the field of the sociology of religion will be questioned hypothetically. During the analyzation process, each of the objections will be shown under a title, and the objections to the thesis will be responded through the related literature on the relationship between novel and sociology. The main claim of the study is that the intertextuality of novels and social reality as a social text is possible. In this context, the criticism of the scholastic mind that Bourdieu conveys as a reflective effort will open the door to the naturalization of interdisciplinary articulation. With a reflective effort, the author of the text will take pleasure from his/her own text, give pleasure to his/her reader, and can question the social reality through analysis that contains wisdom more than information, as long as he/she considers himself to be both within and outside the social space.


Sociology of Religion, Novel, Social Reality, Figure, Fiction.

Author : - Birsen Banu OKUTAN
Number of pages: 39-66
Full text:
Toplum Bilimleri Dergisi
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