New Perception of Women and Criticisms of the First Popular Culture Images: The Case of Sebilurresad Magazine (1923-1925)
Yeni Kadın Algısı ve İlk Popüler Kültür İmgelerine Eleştiriler: Sebilürreşad Dergisi Örneği (1923-1925)

Author : - Tevrat TEMEL
Number of pages : 8-38


In addition to the mere banalizing effect that seems to be harmless, popular culture can also be used as a means of spreading ideologies. In 1900, women seen as the face of modernization efforts in Turkey female, were guided to exhibit some of the behaviors that can be read as first images of popular culture. In this study, the attitude developed by Sebilürresad magazine (1923-1925) against the first popular culture images will be evaluated within the framework of Adorno’s critical thoughts about modern age women. The aim of the study is to show that Muslim conception has the strength to brin criticism to popular culture as a tool of modernism. Thus, parallel to Adorno’s ideas, it will be revealed that the woman, who is claimed to be freed from traditional ties, has been and can be transformed into a commodity of the culture industry through popular culture by offering unlimited possibilities of modernism.


Sociology of Religion, Popular Culture, Islam, Women, Sebilurresad Magazine, Critical School.


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