A Bibliography Essay On The Studies Of Scholars Of The History Of Religions On Christianity In Turkey
Dinler Tarihi Akademisyenlerinin Türkiye’de Hıristiyanlıkla İlgili Çalışmaları Üzerine Bir Bibliyografya Denemesi

Number of pages : 603-647


Christianity has sprouted up with Jesus Christ in Judaism as a result of his emergence, and since Paul has developed in many parts of the world. With its existence in different geographies of the world, many works about Christianity have been written in the West and in our country until today. We aimed to present these studies in our country in a certain academic order. We put it together bibliographically studies of scholars in the history of religions in Turkey. However, we did not include issues of missionary, new religious movements and dialogue in our work. With this study, we aim to provide contributions to researchers who want to reveal original works in this field and to facilitate the identification of unworked subjects.


Christianity, History Of Religions, Turkey, Academician.


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