Sustainable Tourism Approach in Scope of Green Economy
Yeşil Ekonomi Kapsamında Sürdürülebilir Turizm Yaklaşımı

Author : Salih Tellioğlu
Number of pages : 9-26


Tourism sector has grown rapidly with the increase of new destinations in tourism and the growth of existing destinations. In addition to providing economic, sociological and cultural contributions to touristic countries, this growth causes rapid depletion of natural resources, damage to food waste, environmental pollution and cultural assets. In this context, the concepts of green economy and sustainable tourism have been brought to the agenda and become increasingly important in order to ensure that these resources remain for future generations and to preserve their natural beauties. In addition, due to the increasing number of high environmental awareness tourists, the demand for high environmental awareness touristic enterprises is increasing day by day, and as a result, this enterprises are more advantageous.. In this study, the importance of the concepts of green economy, eco-tourism and sustainable tourism and the policies which applied to towards these concepts has been mentioned.


Green Economy, Sustainable Tourism, Ecotourism


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