The Social Memory Spaces Of Çetin Öner's Novel: The Example Of The “Mountains Were Written”

Author : Hamit Yüksel
Number of pages : 262-277


This study aims to examine the novelist Cetin Oner's Mountains were Written -1984, in terms of the concept of memory space developed by French historian Pierre Nora. From the Ottoman to the present, Circassian writers have written works on the Circassians. Therefore, this novel is an example of the Circassian Literature in the Republican Period written in Turkish. In the study, a relational type survey was conducted on the novel Mountains were Written and analyzed with descriptive analysis method. As a result of the study, traditional rituals, horses, smell, crabs, harmonica, hair cutting machine, exile, war, death, religion, imam, mythology, such as memory spaces were found. These memory spaces in the novel are important places of memory where Circassians maintain their lives in their lives away from their homeland. In the novel, the homeland of Heky (Xэky) life, the exile of the Circassians, the life of Hehes (Xэхэс), the Russian-Caucasian wars, the difficulties of the Circassians after the arrival of the Ottomans, the mobilization, the War of Independence, the Armenian Committee and the difficulties of the life of Cukurova are explained from the eyes of a child. It has been evaluated by us that the Circassian culture, tradition-based life practices, Circassians' past can be used in the transfer of young generations and teaching values.


Circassians, Kabarda, Exile, Memory space, Çetin Öner


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